Designer + Artisan

Miter is the result of the experimentation with a material,
both in a formal and functional way.

Each handmade piece, caress in design and the durability of the porcelain stoneware have made it possible to create four collections of unique tables as pieces of art. Due to the versatility of the pieces, they can be exhibited both outdoors and indoors.

The project starts with Ana Segovia and Luis Calabuig – cofounders of Odosdesign studio – as creative directors and they face this challenge together with the best artisans and specialists in the material.

Miter responds to an attitude of looking for products that last over time, both for its aesthetics and its materiality.


The synthesis of the detail, an inclined plane, like a sculptured stone. Aiming to become a classic for its timelessness and neutral nature.

Pushing the limits of technique, where the artisan finds the true challenge, when the difficulty is perceived easy.