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Products to last over time


Miter es una nueva marca de mobiliario monomaterial.
El porcelánico como alma del producto.
Nuevas formas que predominan por sus ángulos y sus rectas.
La mano del artesano unida con el diseño.

Miter ha venido para quedarse.

Design provides differentiation.
We understand product design as a fusion of tradition and renewal, and in an experimental approach in the use of materials and techniques.

Concept & Technique.

01. Design

We understand design as a creative method capable of providing an original visual perspective which combines concept and technical know-how.

Our clients

02. Relation

We establish a close relationship with our clients which allow us to engage in close dialogue and build long-lasting business relationships of reciprocal trust.

Developing ideas

03. Product Design

We understand product design as an ongoing daily process, as a reflection on the different life styles and needs of each.


04. Challenge

The biggest challenge for us is to build an absolute trust from our client, who knows we understand their project and that we can communicate it in the best way, both for the markets it is targeted at and the general public.

Creative thinking

05. Reference

Our job is to contribute to making manufacturing companies become a reference in the design world, thanks to a perfectly orchestrated graphic communication.